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          Double-acting Rack and Pinion Hydraulic ActuatorSplit Angular Strokebrief introduction

          Product features

          NSDM11AE structure actuator, effective output torque from 100N·m to 35000N·m.It is widely used in petroleum/chemical industry/shipbuilding/metallurgy/tunnel construction machinery/pipeline/environmental protection/building materials/paper/power/boiler and other fields.

          technical parameter

          0010 Series 0020 Series
          Max. Torque: 100N·m Max. Torque: 200N·m
          0040 Series
          0080 Series
          Max. Torque: 400N·m
          Max. Torque: 800N·m
          0160 Series
          0320 Series
          Max. Torque: 1600N·m
          Max. Torque: 3200N·m
          0640 Series
          1280 Series
          Max. Torque: 6400N·m
          Max. Torque: 12800N·m

          Let QT Manufacturing become the Hydraulic Insdustry Benchmark

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          Fax:+86 21 3990 4482
          Phone:+86 15317844664