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          Truck Crane Control Panel HP028brief introduction

          Product features

          Control panel HP028 is a customized remote operation box, mainly used for remote commissioning of truck crane. It has the same function as the main console, and can be controlled under the crane. Large size display interface increases the ease of operation, while the strap and belt design makes the operator work more comfortable.The control panel is equipped with a 5.0-inch display screen with a resolution of 320x240 pixels; and also it has the characteristics of high protection level (IP65), wide temperature (-20℃~+55℃) and so on.

          technical parameter

          LCD Panel Type

          TOPWAY5.0'' Black-and-white display

          Viewable Size



          320*240 pixels

          Voltage Range




          Protection Level


          CAN Interface

          CAN 2.0B interface * 1, baud rate 250K, with 120 Ohms terminal resistance

          Operation Key

          6 film keys

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