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          QD065A-GSbrief introduction

          Product features

          QD065A-GS color graphics high-performance display module can meet the requirements of harsh environment applications, applicable to industry, mobile equipment, heavy equipment and other fields. It can be used for equipment status monitoring, virtual instrument display, alarm information display, system diagnosis and debugging.The 6.5-inch high brightness TFT display screen has the characteristics of high resolution (640 × 480 pixels), high protection grade (IP65), wide temperature (-30 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃) and etc. Wide power supply voltage range, low power consumption, reverse protection.It has CAN.2.0, RS232 communication interface, which easy for system integration and expansion.

          technical parameter

          Processor 800MHz
          LCD Panel Type 6.5" TFT—LCD
          Visible Size 132(H)×99(V)mm
          Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
          Luminance 600 cd/m2
          View Range V = -40°~ +70° H = -70°~ +70°
          Life Time 50,000 hours
          Input Control 8 buttons/one million times
          Operating Temperature -30℃~+85℃
          Storage Temperature -40℃~+90℃
          ROM 1 GB
          RAM 512 MB
          Electrical Parameter
          Supply Voltage 10~32VDC(24 VDC)
          Communication Interface 2×CAN 1×RS232 1×USB 1×Ethernet Port
          Connection Type BINDER Connector × 2
          Environmental Testing
          Protection Level IP65
          Anti-vibration Characteristic IEC60068-2-6/64
          Impact Resistance Characteristic IEC60068-2-27
          EMC Characteristic EN61000-4-2/4

          Terminal List
          CAN 2 MAX:1Mbts
          RS232 1 Programmable
          USB 1 USB-Host
          Ethernet 1 Download Application

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