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          DCV28 Cutting Fork Special Valvebrief introduction

          Product features

          DCV28 valve adopts mature chip valve technology and integrated cutting fork special function. The pressure loss of the main valve casting chamber is reduced by 15% than that of the cartridge valve group, which makes the work more stable. Special valve core for cutting fork, fine movement. Standard modular monoblock valve design, anti-pollution capacity; standard accessories, long-term stock.

          technical parameter


          DCV28 special valve

          Max. Pressure


          Max. Flow


          Solenoid Valve Voltage

          20VDC /24VDC

          Port Size

          BR,M,AS,BS are G1/4, and the rest are G3/8

          Body Material

          Cast iron

          Let QT Manufacturing become the Hydraulic Insdustry Benchmark

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