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          Welcome to call us, it is our great honor to provide our service.

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          +86 21 3990 4482

          Fax:+86 21 3990 4482
          Mob: +86 15317844664
          Add:No. 1689 Siyi Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

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          Mob:+86 021 69151391

          Fax:+86 21 3990 4482

          Phone:+86 153 1784 4664


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          • Hydraulic engineer.

            Education:unlimited Work add:Shanghai Time:2022.12.02

            1. Complete the hydraulic principle design of non-standard hydraulic station;

            2. Completing the three-dimensional design according to the principles;

            3. The two-dimensional drawing design shall be completed in 3D and the BOM list shall be made;

            4. Outputting the testing items and contents of hydraulic stations;5. Selection of commonly used hydraulic components.

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          • Electronic Sales Engineer

            Education:本科 Work add:Shanghai Time:2022.12.02

            1. According to the company's development and objectives, develop sales plans, complete electro-hydraulic system integration, key account sales annual work objectives;

            2. Be responsible for the market expansion of electro-hydraulic industry in machinery industry, the development of partners and relationship maintenance, and establish good business relations with target customers;

            3. Deeply excavate the requirements of customer system integration and partners, provide satisfactory solutions for customers, and summarize project information;

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          • Application Engineer

            Education:本科 Work add:Shanghai Time:2022.12.02

            1. Docking with the customer project parameters, selection design, project plan drawings;

            2. Responsible for the project sample tracking, debugging work, the preparation of relevant documents and reports;

            3. Sort out the industrial plan and relevant information, summarize and form training documents, and provide technical training for sales, after-sales, quality and other relevant personnel;

            4. Assist Sales Department to support the project before and during sales;

            5. Cooperate to complete the annual tasks of the industry group.

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          • Marketing Manager

            Education:本科 Work add:Shanghai Time:2022.12.02

            1. Bachelor degree in Mechatronics, Industrial Automation, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic or related field;

            2.3 or more years of market research experience in medium and large enterprises, or training in systematic market research and analysis with 2 years of practical experience;

            3. Hardworking, able to travel for short and medium term, strong market development ability and industry expansion and product management ability;

            4. Have a keen sense of business smell of the products, strong learning ability, analytical ability, clear thinking, the ability to output high-quality reports, understanding and execution;5. Professional dedication and strong interpersonal skills, willing to take on challenging work and achieve great success.

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          Mob: +86 153 1784 4664
          Fax:+86 21 3990 4482
          Phone:+86 15317844664